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REF: FD 13 E
Category: Specials

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Rugs made of genuine bovine leather, of the highest quality, Export type, with special treatment for Decoration.

Valor por M² R$ 900,00

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Handmade Product


Rugs made of genuine bovine leather, of the highest quality, Export type, with special treatment for Decoration.
As it is a 100% natural product, the hides may vary in tone and shape due to animal genetics, in addition to showing signs of life in the field such as scratches, wrinkles, fire marks, or even small repairs on the back due to cuts or scratches that it has suffered in life, not being considered as defects, but rather, they guarantee the authenticity of the leather and exclusivity in your piece.
Genuine bovine leather rugs can be considered elegant, refined and adaptable to any style of decoration, making environments more comfortable and sophisticated.
Due to the rigorous treatment applied in the tanning of the skins, they do not emit an unpleasant odor, do not stain in the event of an accident with liquids, are anti-allergic and Pet Friendly.

They are exclusive pieces, with varied sizes, the average variable being larger or smaller than what is specified in the Standard Table.
- Mini Cow and Baby Cow mats have the exact measurements specified in the Standard Table.

For greater durability of your carpet it is NOT indicated: wash, rinse, bleach and expose to high temperatures.
Cleaning can be done:
- Using a broom with soft bristles, always passing it in the direction of the fur. If you find it more practical, use a vacuum cleaner, also in the fur direction, which is excellent for removing dirt.
- If desired, 01 time a week, cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and neutral detergent.
- If there is a Pet in the house and an “accident” occurs, remove excess urine with a cloth or paper towel and you can spray a disinfectant diluted in water (after removing the excess with a cloth), to prevent the odor from remaining.
- For accidents with other liquids, proceed in the same way: remove excess with a cloth and/or paper towel and then finish with a damp cloth.


R. Marechal Deodoro 413, bairro Industrial Novo Hamburgo/RS 93320-450